Bridal Skin Preparation at Katie England Skin

Jun 28, 2024

Why should I have regular facials in the lead-up to my wedding?

Every key person involved in a wedding wants to look their best for the event and the memories that will be made that day. We consider what we’ll wear, eat and dance to and think about the words that will be said and how our guests will be entertained, but something that is of equal importance but not always given the same amount of thought and time investment is our skin. 

The skin preparation journey “increased my confidence and definitely contributed to me feeling beautiful and happy on the day.”

Incorporating regular facials into your wedding preparation can help you achieve clear, glowing skin and promote relaxation during what can be a hectic and stressful time. It will also allow you to reap the full benefits of the skin journey, addressing any specific concerns and also allowing you to get to know your skin so you can continue to nurture and look after it down the line. While you are getting ready for a specific event, some of what you learn here will be education for life!

What bridal skin preparation services are available at Katie England Skin?

As with any new client, we recommend you visit for an in-person consultation with Express Bespoke first. At this appointment we can discuss your skin goals and create a bespoke skin plan based on your budget and available time. This might include treatments as well as updates to your morning, evening and weekly skin routine. 

A consultation means that we can get a fully-rounded view of how your lifestyle supports and affects what shows on the skin surface, as true skin care isn’t only about what is applied to it.

How long before my wedding should I start seeing you? 

I recommend that you start as far in advance as you can. Some treatments should ideally happen monthly and over a period of time, so if we can get 3-6 months and multiple skin cycles (the natural skin replenishment cycle can take up to 6 weeks to complete), then we can really work wonders in this time. 

Of course, not everyone has up to six months to dedicate to skin preparation, and alternatively, there are some brilliant routines we can put in place that give results in as little as two weeks to give the prefect bridal glow. 

“Both Katie and Fran went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable in my skin for my wedding day. When the wedding admin felt overwhelming, Katie gave me moments of glowing calm. Thank you!”

Booking in advance means that there will be one less thing to think about at a time when wedding admin can be plentiful and demanding. All you’ll have to do is turn up and be taken care of, allowing you to get closer to your goals.